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5 Secrets to Get Associations to Get New Customers for You
Why Most Marketing Fails and Is a Complete Waste of Money
7 Largest Marketing Problems and How to Solve Them
5 Surprising Ways to Get Your Marketing Noticed

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When just 1 copy isn’t enough, share this book with others. It’s great for associations wishing to educate their exhibitors and sponsors. This book is also an excellent resource for marketing masterminds and study groups.

Robert Skrob Biography

Here’s some background on Robert and why his clients refer to him as the world’s leading expert in association marketing:

RobertSkrob-WebRobert Skrob got his first job in the association industry in 1993, as a bookkeeper in an association management company after leaving the CPA firm and public accounting behind. Within 6 years he bought that company, discovered direct response marketing and nothing has been the same for Robert or his clients in the years since.

Robert’s company, Membership Services Inc., is an association management company. Associations are organizations in which groups of people with a similar interest combine resources for research, communication and advocacy. These organizations print newsletters, host meetings and contact lawmakers on behalf of their members.

When an association decides it needs a headquarters with a staff, it has to rent office space, buy furniture and computers, recruit an executive director and hire employees. Or instead the association can hire an association management company and obtain everything it needs on a contractual basis. Robert’s company, Membership Services Inc., does just that.

Associations hire Membership Services Inc. to handle their membership records and billing, plan meetings, publish newsletters and oversee governmental affairs. Established in 1979 as Harris Management Group, Membership Services Inc. is a full-service trade association management company. Membership Services Inc. is the only association management company that specializes in membership
marketing, recruitment and retention. Over the years, Membership Services Inc.’s clients have ranged from state medical, professional and trade associations to huge nonprofit public/private partnerships.

In the late 90’s the entire association industry was struggling. Increasingly
association members were going online to Ask Jeeves, Yahoo and the then upstart Google for answers their questions. They just didn’t need the industry association out there to provide information like they did for decades before.

Seeking a better way to help his association clients, Robert discovered direct response marketing. Twenty association clients with membership marketing
campaigns, meeting marketing and sponsorships to sell gave Robert an excellent laboratory to learn how to create effective marketing systems that could be easily replicated for other organizations.

These membership marketing efforts led to an important discovery. Most problems that associations face can be fixed with more members. Money low, recruit more members; industry facing a crisis, recruit more members; want more attendees at meetings, recruit more members; or want to create a non-dues revenue program, recruit more members.

The skill of writing letters that make members eagerly write checks translated into Robert’s ability to create customers for other companies and clients.

Robert has been working with companies to market through associations throughout his association career. He quickly learned that most association marketing efforts fail because they are executed poorly.

But, in response to declining exhibit sales Robert began creating training materials to help companies get results through associations. These materials later became the foundation of his Your Association Shortcutbook. When vendors began getting better results through their efforts marketing through associations, they quickly increased their investment in those associations. Robert’s client associations began to grow their exhibit and sponsorship sales.

Today, Robert’s book, Your Association Shortcut is a best-seller, helping companies around the world generate more customers through associations. Clients regularly fly to Tallahassee to meet receive his custom “Fast Implementation Plan” to accelerate their efforts. Some have found Robert’s insight and marketing systems experience so valuable they return every 6 or 12 months for more advanced consulting and project planning assistance.

After years of being a couch potato, Robert took up running and biking in 2010 at the age of 39. The first run was a huge struggle, he says he was breathing so hard he thought he’d exhale a lung. Today Robert regularly competes in races but mostly runs for exercise and for a quiet opportunity to think and reflect.

In spite of his busy schedule Robert spends as much time as possible with his family. Robert and his wife have 2 kids, Samantha (1995) and Robert William (1999) and live in Tallahassee, Florida.

Robert married his wife, Kory on May 28, 1994 after meeting her on November 20, 1993 at the North Carolina State versus Florida State football game. Kory sat in front of Robert in the stadium at that game. As an NC State alum, Kory was excited when the Wolfpack scored first with a field goal. Unfortunately for Kory, the Wolfpack lost the game 62 to 3. But, she did end up marrying Robert so she’s been pleased that she received a fair consolation.